2022 Inductee

John Dunne

John P. Dunne was born in Tipperary, Ireland in 1939. His career in grocery began in as a “bag boy” at A&P in 1958, where he spent his career until his retirement. His many achievements include being named the Ileitis and Colitis Foundation Man of the Year in 1987; he was a 1997 Golden Pencil Award recipient, and Irish Person of the Year (Ireland Fund of Canada) in 1996. An anecdote from John’s son, Sean Dunne: “My father is retired now, and I go over once a week to take him out to wherever he needs to go. That usually entails going to two to three local grocery stores where we will do a walkthrough and he will point out everything they are doing right, everything they are doing wrong and the reasons behind it all!”

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